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Coffee with Top Elite Executives! Ep1: Stephen Filotas: Flexing to climb to an Executive Position!

Welcome to the first episode of Coffee with Top Elite Executives! Today's guest is a senior leader from a Fortune 500 Consumer Goods company who is specialized in Digital Transformation, B2B2C, Global Sales Strategies, Business Turnarounds, Trade Marketing & Distribution across the world. Asides from English he also speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese. Stephen Filotas is a successful business leader, who has climbed the ladder several times within the same organization in the last 20 years to reach an Executive position.

In this video, Stephen shares the secrets and mindset that one must adapt to be able to succeed under highly pressurized & regulated environments and be recognized by the company with several promotions and guarantee a successful career path.

He speaks about how to solve daily new and complex problems, the importance of analytical thinking, strong business acumen, FLEXIBILITY, intellectual leadership, and how he leads remote sales teams across 75 markets, while developing and deploying global sales strategies.

In this episode, we'll be discussing the 3 main key attributes that Stephen recommends to be successful in your career:

- Importance of seeing challenges as opportunities to grow and develop on both personal and professional level

- How to keep developing new skillsets and be always prepared for transitioning to different roles within the same organization

- The key importance of Flexing for career success above all else


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