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Coffee with Top Elite Executives! Ep2: Carsten Henke: Global Commercial Strategies in Life Sciences!

Welcome to the Second Episode of Coffee with Top Elite Executives! Today's guest is a Global senior life science executive who is experienced in the corporate pharma world as well as in the biotech start-up environment. In this video, Carsten Henke introduces us to the Life Sciences Industry and its major role in saving thousands of lives of people around the world.

Having worked for decades with international people across the world helping biotech, pharma companies and startups, Carsten shares his rich expertise in how to bond with different stakeholders while embracing diversity to build global, intercultural, cross-functional teams to achieve shareholder’s corporate goals.

He also speaks about how to leverage the expertise of multi-cultural team from multiple domains and orchestrate a harmonious effort to solve complex problems and launch medicinal products into the market successfully, the importance of emotional intelligence, human factor, effective listening, and cross-cultural and remote teams while strategizing solutions to move medicines from clinical to commercial trials.

In a Nutshell, Carsten speaks about:

  • Life -Sciences

  • The importance of the human factor in today's global teams and markets

  • Biotech Startups and The Pharma World

  • Shifting medicines from clinical trials to the commercial stage


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