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Coffee with Top Elite Executives! Ep3: Elio Calidori: Global Strategist in the Public Sector!

Welcome to the Third Episode of Coffee with Top Elite Executives! Today's guest is an expert in the Public & Private Sector and start ups, internationalization and Joint Ventures. Asides from that he’s a Senior Executive specialized in starting offices and companies in South Korea, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, and counting!

His career has given him unique experiences such as directly advising Prime Ministers of different countries! Elio introduces us to the Public Sector Industry and his role in improving the lives of millions of people for decades to come by cooperating and advising directly on Public Health improvements. Apart from working in the Public Sector, Elio has experience in working with startups and joint ventures across the world, especially in the Far East, Europe and Middle East.

He shares how to handle clients such Government Heads of different cultures & countries, how to meet challenging goals working with diversity while maintaining the passion with authenticity in order to influence and make a real impact to the community. He also speaks about the motivation behind working in the public sector, handling challenges and some examples of scenarios he provided solutions to. Additionally he addresses the importance of building trust, work ethics and the sine qua non skill of negotiating with governments. Elio provides a vision of how public sector operates and team work in under pressure.

In a Nutshell, Elio speaks about:

  • Working for Public Sector for different countries at an Executive Level.

  • Public sector, Startups versus Joint Ventures Mindset.


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