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Coffee with Top Elite Executives! Ep4: Wojciech Janiak: Omnichannel Leader in Retail & eCommerce!

Welcome to the Fourth Episode of Coffee with Top Elite Executives! Today's guest is an expert in Omnichannel retail and e-commerce and holds a passion for rebranding and turning around lagging business units & companies into exponentially profitable ventures through Mergers & Acquisitions, reorganizing sales, setting strategies & KPIs for driving growth and profitability asides from establishing systems, procedures & harmonization.

Wojciech started off his career in Poland and since has an international experience across Czech Republic, Romania, Lithuania, Germany, Austria, France, Russia, China, India, and United Arab Emirates, managing supplier negotiations and high-profile clients. During his career, he has successfully built distribution models and retail organizations across wholesales, international retail chains, own and agent franchise groups, and cash & carry asides from stock optimization.

In a Nutshell, Wojciech speaks about: Omnichannel retail and E-Commerce:

  • Latest trends in innovation for customer engagement optimization to drive traffic to stores, eCommerce and increase significant sales

  • The components of Omnichannel

  • Insights about how to be successful in the Omnichannel domain


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