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Did you nail a Job Interview with your Dream Company? And Now?

You are thrilled and can barely believe (and breathe), your heart is coming through the mouth because you nailed a job interview with the company of your dreams: Breathe, tighten the seat belts, and read through. As I mentioned in the book “All The Secrets of Getting a New Job in Dubai! UNLEASHED!” always remember: Every single thing you may or may not say (or do) may count against or in your favor! The "Devil" is in the details, so watch out!

Rule number 1: Smile and breath deep: Your brain will be more oxygenated after releasing some positive hormones that are triggered by your physiognomy, in this case, the smile will trigger that and will allow you to think more clearly about the next steps;

Rule number 2: Focus: think what is required of you, whether it’s an email confirmation (review for typos 3 times - the neatness represents your first impression right there!) about your availability for the interview, or simply preparing for the already agreed meeting that was possibly arranged over the phone;

Rule number 3: Prepare thoroughly: Study as if you had the exams of your life, read everything about the company, their potential competitors, the role and job description given in details (if any), absorb and visualize; Understand it fully. If you don’t have the job description search in google for same titles in similar industries - what they expect of that function.

Rule number 4: Imagine: Imagine you were the interviewer at that company interviewing for the role you will be interviewed for, what questions would you be asking the candidate for that vacancy specifically? Write it down! Questions about the job itself, about your previous employer, your own aspirations

and reasons for wanting to shift jobs, why you want to work for that company and so on. A list of tough questions & answers are clarified in the book in chapter 9;

Rule number 5: Understand the company culture (research) and your own principles and personal culture, cross-fit it and make sure to refer during your job interview;

Rule number 6: The D-Day has arrived: Dress accordingly, always business clothes irrespectively of how casual the employees in that company dress on a day to day basis. A good tip is to match their colours, so for instance if the company logo and colours have blue, wear something in the same tonality of blue, if you are a men then a tie in that tonality would be a good idea; Arrive 10- 15 minutes early, show punctuality and organization;

Rule number 7: Is your first interview over the phone? (Ouch!) In this case make sure to be in a silent place, have enough battery in your phone, and dress up! Yes, dress up! It is you preparing your mind to a serious meeting just as committed as if you would be if you were face to face and you will certainly perform just as well as you would. Be relaxed, have a glass of water in front of you, speak slowly, breath, breath and breath, let the interviewer talk and finish his sentence before you talk. Be focused on the process and enjoy. Answer the questions asked, don’t change the topic! Be alone, have a notepad and take notes during your conversation so you can focus on the conversation itself and not get distracted with anything else. I recommend leaving home to avoid any distraction, e.g choose a hotel space, I usually like the Mezzanine in the hotels in Dubai, they have a comfortable setup, sofa, quiet café, etc…;

Rule number 8: Meditate or pray 60 minutes before your interview: this might mean to some doing sports, yoga, religious location for a few minutes prayer, meditation through any you tube videos, even if it means inside your car. If you didn’t have time to do that and you arrived 15 minutes earlier at the location go to washroom lock yourself for 5 minutes and deep breath for 10 times and believe this is already a successful story for having the job interview with the company of your dreams!;

Rule number 9: Remember your value and the value you give that company and at that moment it’s a win-win, you and the company are equal, if you weren’t special they wouldn’t call you for that interview! So relax, trust God or trust Life and if it’s meant to be it will be yours, considered you have prepared, dedicated, you are passionate about the job and the brand, given your soul and heart for this moment, the rest is history! Good luck! Ps: “All The Secrets of Getting a New Job in Dubai! UNLEASHED!” is available at: Dubai: Kinokuniya Bookstore (Dubai Mall), Border (Mall of Emirates), also throughout other stores in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and RAK. Lebanon: Throughout Virgin Megastores in the country and airport Saudi Arabia: Virgin Megastores Online:,, and If you missed my workshop and book signing in July you can watch the playback at:


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