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Ep1.1 - Best Practices to finding & landing a Job w/ Recruiters & Headhunters on LinkedIn - 2022

In this video, I will share some tricks and tips related to gaining the attention of the headhunters & recruiters on LinkedIn to land the next role! If the recruiters, headhunters, and HR Executives that you are trying to reach out to are not responding to you, then watch this video! You will learn how to improve your chances of getting listened to. Plus, what to do when they do actually respond? How to talk with them? What you should talk about? I will guide you in relevance to that as well! The topics I will be covering in this theory video are - - What are the best practices for handling and gaining more traction with Recruiters & Headhunters, - How Recruiters think and how to leverage that understanding. - The dos and don'ts of holding conversations with them. - Learn why you might not be gaining positive responses from them - What they want to hear, and how you can prepare for your next call with them! - And much more


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