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Finding a New Job in the Days of Corona!

It’s an opportunity for humanity to reinvent itself, and if you choose to look at the half-full cup perspective you can find an opportunity to shine, despite the pandemic.

Unemployment has existed much before corona and now the situation looks chaotic, to say the least when it comes to jobs and employment, not fresh news here. However, if you look at what this situation brings as a POSITIVE opportunity let me list a few from my point of view.

If you have lost your job you can now more easily change industries and shift entirely to something new. Previously to Corona, you must have experience and shifting industries or jobs was always tougher. Now companies are willing to be more flexible with the current scenario and are more compassionate and less demanding during hiring when hiring.

We can almost say that there is no more “experienced” or “expert” in anything. Who’s an expert in” war-like” survival? Not many! And if some, they are retired already or gone. We are still living during Corona, and post corona could still be a long path. It’s a moment in history where ‘reinventing the wheel’ is no longer a metaphor.

We have the choice to make the most of this and look for something fresh and new in industries that are hiring and have even boomed during the worse moments of the pandemic and they are Online services such as e-commerce retail from food to non-food, any technology-related sectors, any healthcare-related sectors, online education and so on.

It’s the opportunity to approach for jobs without fear or shame, and even consider a totally new function or industry, make the most of the “excuse” and so truthful moment.

Meanwhile, if you have a hobby, a dream career that you’d like to pursue but this might not look as being the moment to adventure or dive in, you can start on the side and take it in parallel. If you have a minimum entrepreneurial inclination you will have the excitement and will manage the way to start your passion while finding a job that will help you cope with the financial commitments and life responsibilities until you can fly on your own, if this is your desire.

Now what matters the most is soft skills, so make sure to express them or live by them: Agility, Flexibility, Cooperation, Hands-on, Innovation, Creativity, Imagination, Positivity, Readiness (act here and now and be fast), and so on. Express them (develop them if needed) through examples during job interviews.

If you are slightly (or a lot) lost during your job search and require some guidance do reach out. I’ve been assisting senior executives (not limited to) for the last 5 years by career transition guidance, CV and LinkedIn re-vamping, job interview preparations, and so on. I also have a 3 months program where I accompany and guide during these tough times. I am also a certified hypnotherapist and can help you cope with the stress that comes along.

Thanks for reading! And share this article if you believe it can be helpful to someone else in your network. Isabelita Castilho


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