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First things First when looking for a New Job

You are starting from scratch and have no clue what to do to get a new job?

The very first is to understand where you are right now in your career, current employment situation. If you are jobless or in huge risk of losing employment then have in mind you need to plan IMMEDIATELY for your next few days or months, have a daily, weekly and monthly plan, ideally 6 hours of job hunt focus every day if not currently working otherwise at least 2 hours if already busy with current employment.

Being in the UAE the best thing to start with is by fortifying your presence in LinkedIn. Connect with key people related to your industry of interest and areas. Go in advanced search and look for recruiters, headhunters, associates, talent acquisition, HR managers, directors, and potential hiring managers that could be having an opening that matches your profile. Once connected with them it will be of their interest to contact you if your profile is appealing and matches their current requirements.

Being transparent and objective in your headline and profile description will speed things up in getting noticed. For instance, only saying “looking for new opportunities” does not facilitate much when busy recruiters are bumping into your profile at the speed of light, however if you have something such as “Open to new Business Development/ Sales in FMCG roles” (as illustration) it will make you stand out from the crowd that doesn’t have the same headline and is competing with you. As they fly through their day a recruiter is so busy that they will stop to view your profile only if you grab their attention by having headlines with very flashy words. Having the right headline is like having the hazard flash on of a car when driving.

If you are not sure how to create a job hunt strategy and need a revamp in your profile or any other career related services do get in touch, I will be more than pleased to hear from you!


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