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It is a hide and seek game and if we can look at it from all angles we can see it can be quite fun as well, just like in the game, I will explain it more.

Hidden jobs are the ones not published by companies or recruitment companies however they are available and the way to catch them is by pro-active actions like as initiating a network activity such as connecting with key people whether potential hiring managers or recruiters who can possibly be hiding the vacancies due to confidentiality or other company requirements.

Most C+ plus job openings, as example, that are barely announced don’t mean they don’t exist. Quite the opposite if this was the case the headhunting firms wouldn’t be in the market because that’s why they are there for to “headhunt”the candidates and not to announce job openings. It is very noticeable the large number of headhunting firms around for years.

It's fun when by connecting with the right recruiter or hiring manager holding that vacancy that fits your profile it becomes the job being the one who finds you and you are competing much less with other jobs seekers who are mainly applying to jobs only announced on a reactive mode.

I will not extend much here and just want to leave the following message:

Connect daily with key people, identify the relevant ones first, and make some “noise”in LinkedIn. Once in the right “arena” and with the right “crowd” all one has to do is “noise” a good one in the means of publishing an article, congratulating someone for their anniversary, endorsing, liking, commenting, sharing, to name a few. Be visible and remembered!

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All the best,

Isabelita Castilho

Career Advisor in Dubai

Author: " All The Secrets of Getting a New Job in Dubai! UNLEASHED!" available at


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