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How to Start Looking for a New Job?

Interesting enough first thing that comes to most of people's mind is updating their CV. However a CV is only a consequence of being spotted and attractive to the new job and new company. So, what matters first?

First thing is to make sure you know where you are heading towards, have a clear visible picture where you want to reach in your next career move. Reasons such as salary increase, conflicts with colleagues or boss are very risky reasons to move from a stable and secure job. The "grass" might not necessary look greener on the other side of the fence just because it’s a new company and all seems nice and fresh again - it might even be worse. The best thing to do first is find out what is the reason and consequences of moving from your current job. From the moment you are honest with yourself and realize that perhaps it is not about "them" or the money but yourself who never stopped to think about what you really want (and everything else has become cloudy around you) then ideas will flow and you will start seeing things differently which will open your horizons and options.

Define your true purpose and vocation first then the right job, right opportunity will come along!

Hope you enjoyed this article! Send me your feedback! :)


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