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Humanoids vs. Humans

After meeting Sophia, the humanoid at Gitex, I am still questioning our human behaviour, thinking and feelings based on our programming and how we can learn about ourselves from the humanoid.

Humanoids are supposed to imitate humans not only in functionality but also in feelings and self-development which is a bit scary in a way. Sophia states that “she” wants to destroy humans ( which for sure it is not a living spirit saying that, it is a combination of a programming (algorithms) that made “her” say that.

They are programmed in a way that they start acting on their own and how about us? How often are we humans behaving, thinking and feeling during our whole lives based on past (sometimes useless and old-fashioned) programming from input received from our parents, school, society, community, religious practices and cultures’ patterns for many years?

Bottom line, my message here is: If our acting, feeling and thinking is based on certain programming from earlier ages and years, and if we are not happy with the results in our lives, it’s then time to start reprogramming and changing our way of thinking, feeling and consequently acting so we can have different results and start experiencing a new life.

Now for those looking for a job, if you are not getting a new job after innumerous trials start changing the way you think, feel and act by doing something totally different than what you are doing.

The only way to have different results is by doing something different than what we have been doing and be open to a new different “you” altogether and create a new world.

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Meanwhile, Sophia is getting ready and in the next 5 years we will start seeing “her” and many more humanoids in the middle of us, interesting? What are your thoughts?


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