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It’s All About the Decisions We Make!

Today I was watching a video from Dr. Daniel Amen and I got really inspired on the whole message behind this amazing educational video:

Everything in our lives, every result, anything we are living now comes from the decisions we make every single second of our lives. Even the decision about what to eat right now will lead us to a result in our lives that can determine our whole destiny.

My intent is to bring the awareness to everyone interested in reading this article and be aware of every single decisions made and the impact it will cause ourselves and others on any level. So from onwards I want to stop the auto-pilot in my brain and question every decision I am about to make, I invite you to the same. “Is it the right healthy choice?” “Is it the right re-action to a message I get in whats app?” “Is it the right timing to do this or that?” It seems so insignificant however it feels so powerful.

I have just asked myself is this the right thing to do to post this article and share it with my connections in linkedIn? And I got a great feeling by it and the answer is positive, so here I am posting and really hope from the bottom of my heart this to benefit you who is reading this just as it is doing to me.

If you watch the video I would love to hear your opinion about it too.

Wishing all a Happy and very Prosperous New Year of 2016!


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