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IMAGINE if we could delete all our old programming, everything we think and feel about everything we learnt throughout our lives and inherited as part of our truth and way of seeing the world, perceiving things and facts, not having the ability to judge or feel about culture, nationalities, people’s behaviours, etc?

WOW, what a relief in a way! On another view, what an amazing challenge to find out what we would be like, what we would choose instead in terms of food, clothes, profession, activities, people around us (and so on) in our lives!

Of course it’s kind of impossible (and scary to an extent) to do that, delete everything we learnt which causes good or bad influence in our life results. However if we could be more CONSCIOUS about it and understand that certain thoughts, feelings, auto-pilot behaviours and choices are the reason we could be stagnated in our lives (or going down), in whatever aspects of it, wouldn’t you give it a shot?

After reading “The Truth About Making Smart Decisions” by Robert E. Gunther and “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*uck” (still reading it) by Mark Hanson , then having completed the 7 weeks course “The Secrets of Inner Power” by Harv T. Eker, I started thinking consciously of certain feelings, thoughts, behaviours I promptly have when experiencing certain situations and people’s reactions around me and realizing I am in control of it, if I choose to do so and then react only if I really want to, which starts with a huge level of constant self-consciousness and high focus on wanting to change myself and the life around me as consequence, whichever aspects (love, health, wealth, relationships, career, etc) they may be.

Small changes can lead to huge results, and just by choosing to only give a f*ck to what really matters in life can change the whole life matter itself (please refer to the best seller Mark Manson's book mentioned above for more on that).

THE MESSAGE I'D LIKE TO SHARE HERE IS: We can only control what we can control, and this means only ourselves, not the life or people or fact, or anything around us. If artificial intelligence which depends on humans to program it, can make it so real to the level of developing to Humanoids, imagine what level we can reach if we can focus on RE-PROGRAMMING OUR OWN-SELVES with focus on revamping our old version to reach as consequence a permanent change in our entire life results for a so much better life, to say the least.?!

As for my own real life example, I want to work on my PATIENCE level and for now as a start I am observing as an spectator what makes me impatient and why. The next step (right after that) is to then start to control my reaction to the impatience, to reach a level where it will be replaced by TOLERANCE, leading me to a higher level of inner-self, to then reach an entire new version of my life results and self.

How about you, what would you like to immediately change in your programming to change yourself? What would you recommend to anyone wanting to revamp their life results?


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