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Procrastination and the challenge in reaching your goals - SPEED UP!

Whether your goal is to find a new job, accomplish a project or develop new business the greatest difference in the level of success including how fast you may reach the results you are looking for may be related to 3 top essential skills:

  • Planning

  • Following Up

  • Level of Urgency

Whether at work place or life projects such as finding a job there is an immense need for awareness in these 3 aspects. You need to plan to know how you can possibly reach your goals.

Then you must follow up with the people involved that you depend on to reach your goals, that means a constant follow up and determination, using tact and common sense; Never give up!

Then finally the level of urgency in which you take these actions; “Tomorrow Inshallah” is far very far, act now because then tomorrow you will be thousands of miles away from your competitors whether talking about competing for a new job or selling whatever you are selling.

I hear friends, connections, clients accusing the market, the economy, the unfair competition, however they are not stopping themselves to realize in how really determined they are when it comes to reaching goals. It is not enough to envision it, it requires acting, planning, following up and SPEED! Just think of a horse race: the 1st, 2nd place and 3rd are usually milliseconds difference. Who wins the 1st place however is only one, which is the 1st obviously, which means the fastest and not necessarily the best! They are all probably as good as each other, just as trained, invested on and fast! But only the fastest win!

“Tomorrow or next week inshallah” is way too far. Act now, you have an idea, pencil it down, voice record! Tomorrow something might occur (bad weather, change of mind of people involved, crisis, key related people to your goal might leave on vacation, your competitor will arrive first and impress enough without leaving a chance for you, etc etc etc)

I hope this article will benefit all of the readers. Thank you for reading and share or comment if you find it helpful to others too!

Wishing a lovely weekend to all!



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