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Welcome to My Channel! I am Isabelita Castilho, an Executive Career Advisor.

Hello, I'm Isabelita Castilho! Welcome to my YouTube Channel! I advise & connect Executives Globally for a successful Career Transition. I am an international career transition advisor with clients in over 16 countries and 18 nationalities up to the present. My journey in advising about career transition started after working with recruitment and executive search. I specialize in executive jobs transition, job search techniques, LinkedIn branding & strategies, successful communication during networking and job interviews, network expansion, recruiters' and headhunters' mindset and so on. Through this channel, I aim to scale my outreach to as many people as possible who are in the pursue to land their next role and fast, while maintaining a high brand perceived value in their professional Network. My clients are mostly executives, however the techniques of job search is applicable to all publics.


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