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Why you must connect with people you never met?

During my sessions with clients looking for their next job and also in my book I emphasize the importance of networking on LinkedIn and then taking it on a face to face meeting as much as possible to find the HIDDEN JOBS.

Many will say it’s all about who you know and being recommended to get a job these days. True in a way, on another it’s about creating the “recommendation” by taking the first step and approach. The whole skepticism about approaching someone for the first time you never met is just a way to fall into the traditional way of thinking that everything takes time and “luck” to happen and then the rule of linear time, delayed processes and bureaucracies for things to happen take place to then face the “usual” struggles, fears, concerns and life turmoils.

Think for a moment, how many times you met people for the first time whether on LinkedIn or face to face just to then become an acquaintance or even close to them which led into a job referral or business introduction? There’s always a first time and if you wait for life to create this first time then time will be lengthy and yield will take much longer.

Choose to create your life! You are at sea and lost, will you wait for the winds to take you somewhere and start playing the little old movie on your mind of your life experiences and wait for death or will you choose to figure out how to sail that boat towards a safe harbor? Its’s exactly the same here!

I believe in being a CREATOR, reinventing self, creating the connections and the opportunities, if you don’t approach you already have a “NO”, if you approach someone on LinkedIn you are half-way there. It’s purely law of relativity, almost math I would say for those who are more mathematical in views!

It’s like planting, sometimes it’s the seed sometimes the soil sometimes the combination of these and the weather that will bring you flowers in your garden. How will you know if you don’t throw your seeds? The more you throw the more chances you have, again, it’s math and relativity!

I’ve connected with quite a number of people on LinkedIn before I went to explore the adorable Sweden just end of last year, some would not respond to a network invite, some would respond and not entertain further, some got interested and I’ve met and I would say I couldn’t be happier with the level of connections I’ve developed there and some have become my daily connections and even some close friends for life I’d say!

If you don’t connect you simply disconnect from the possibilities of life opportunities, such as landing the next job, meeting the next business partner or simply the best people you could ever imagine you could meet in your life.

If you are looking into expanding your connections to prosper in life, land the next job and adventure in the portal of life probabilities but not sure about the right words to use and how to start, let’s have a chat and I will show you how.


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