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Hello, I'm Isabelita Castilho!

As a speaker, Isabelita captivates audiences at conferences, webinars, workshops, and seminars, where she shares insider secrets from the world of headhunting. Beyond her professional pursuits, she nurtures a keen interest in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), the Law of Attraction, Reiki and Spirituality, embracing these topics without any religious bias.

In addition to her expertise in Job Transition coaching, Isabelita is highly skilled in business networking and renowned for her ability to open doors and forge connections on a global scale. With thousand of followers on LinkedIn and YouTube, she has established herself as a trusted and influential figure in her field. She has also authored the book 'All The Secrets of Getting a New Job in Dubai, Unleashed!' which has gained popularity in The United Arab Emirates and Lebanon. She has a podcast show called ‘Happy Monday Executives’ found across several podcast channels (Apple podcasts, Spotify, Audible, Amazon Music, Anchor).

Having successfully guided numerous senior executives worldwide, Isabelita's expertise is endorsed by a wealth of public testimonials from satisfied clients, over 80

testimonials up to date available on her LinkedIn profile page.

Isabelita is an internationally recognized Executive Career Transition Advisor with a global clientele spanning 30+ countries and various nationalities. With a passion for helping individuals navigate career transitions, Isabelita embarked on this journey after gaining valuable experience in recruitment and executive search firms. Her expertise lies in job search techniques, LinkedIn branding and strategies, effective communication for networking and job interviews, and understanding the mindset of recruiters and headhunters, particularly in the C-Suite space.

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Passion for Advising,
Mentoring &
Public Speaking

My Book

My Books


What the book is all about!

Are you sick and tired of your current job and desperately want a new opportunity and have no clue of how to start? This is the perfect guide from A to Z to land a job. It includes information about daily actions you must take, LinkedIn branding and effective networking tips, being successful with headhunters and recruiters during conversations while understanding their mindset, passing job interviews, addressing tough questions such as salary requirements and much more.   


In this book, I share the most hidden secrets in how to highlight from the competition to land your next job. Even if you want to work somewhere else asides from Dubai, you can apply my advice and guidelines contained in this book. 


Public Speaking

I love public speaking and I have come to the realization it's also meant to be my mission in this life!

I speak about: 


  • Executive Career transition 

  • Finding a new Job: Job hunting techniques; Hidden (unpublished) jobs 

  • Successful Networking Techniques & goal-oriented: Gaining Traction 

  • LinkedIn strategies and personal branding to land a job 

  • Recruiters & headhunters differences and mindset: Gaining Traction 

  • Spirituality including: The importance of daily meditations, types of meditation and visualizations, the law of attraction & reality creation 

  • Self-development: Ongoing learning 

  • And everything else that can help one get the job and life of their dreams 



About My Work

Executive Career Advisor

I support executives during their career transition by providing complete guidance and techniques to land a new job. This includes enhancing LinkedIn profile presence, personal branding,  finding the hidden (unpublished) jobs, strategies for the posted jobs, networking with target companies, approaching headhunters, and preparing for job interviews. 


A hypnotherapy certification has allowed me to help my clients to overcome emotional burdens and mind blocks for a smooth life and career transition.  

Public Speaker

I love speaking to crowds and believe it's related to my mission! I speak about successful career transition mostly to executives, job hunting techniques, finding hidden jobs, successful networking to land a job & other goals, spirituality involving the law of attraction, NLP, self-development, and everything else that will help one get the job and life of their dreams.


I have a published book called ‘All The Secrets of Getting a New Job in Dubai, Unleashed!’ It's available in major bookstores across United Arab Emirates and Lebanon. Also found online in e-book version (see books section for Links).  


Stay tuned for more books coming soon related to executive career transition and landing a new job with a new flavor in the law of attraction, spirituality, and much more. 

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"Think Outside the Box!"

What People are Saying

I had the pleasure working with Isabelita as a career coach. She is a fun person besides the positive angle looking at things, something which matches my career aspirations & outlook to life. A 360 degree angle to push oneself to new levels with a knack to details & a constant drive to teach, train & eventually reaching goals.

Dr. Vicken S

Group CFO